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Warehouse Management System

AucupaWarehouse management system will help to track the inventory across various plants in the organization. Live stock of raw materials, semi-finished goods (SFG) and finished goods (FG) will be maintained in the system. Raw material issue to plant, SFG and FG generation, movement of FG to outside, SFG movement within plants etc will be tracked and maintained in the system. Sales team can check stock availability at any point of time and effectively communicate to clients.

Data security and software inventory system

AucupaSoftware inventory system will be used for maintaining list of computer hardware and software used by each employee in the organization. Scheduled execution of a job on machines will fetch hardware and software and uploaded to a centralized server. System administrator can search application for each detail and track the systems.

Attendance Management System- AMS

AucupaManufacturing units always have large manpower and many of the force on shop floor level do not have access to computer to apply for leave or to know leave balances. Aucupa's AMS addressed these problems through tablet devices and integrate it with HR systems. This is used by large houses in spices industry. AMS has features like feedback system, badge issuing for appraisal management etc.

HR Management System- HRMS

AucupaHRMS helps human resource team to manage employee on boarding, leave management, payroll, learning/training management, performance management etc.

Purchase Order Approval- POA

AucupaPurchase Order approval is for higher management to view POs awaiting approval and confirm the same. Users can use mobile device to access the application and approve it on the move. POA primarily helps in improving waiting on PO approvals.

BULB Billing and Financial Apps

AucupaOur "Bulb4" cost effective and reliable android product empowers small scale retailers/Distributors to establish/handle/Manage multiple stores from a single location. Bulb4 makes billing and inventory system simple and compact on a tab/mobile device. Easy to carry, easy to handle.Track stock availability, collection, fast and slow moving items, Stock ageing, outstanding balance etc with each store with BULB4 application.
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Distributor Apps

AucupaThis application empowers you to manage all your distribution staff from a single location. Upload stocks and inventory from a single place which will reflect on all staff applications same time. When your staff bills to customer, you can view the same at the same moment. Which gives you freedom from worries.
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CableTV Operator Apps

AucupaThis application allows managers to get involve in real time accounts and they can track their agent through the GPS tracking method. Application has many unique features, one of the feature enrich with loyalty program and reward points to subscribers according to their payment. This feature automatically finds your loyal customers and rewarded with points as they pay bills. Read More

Restaurant Billing Apps

AucupaThis application enables billing through a Bluetooth hand held thermal printer. This easy handy machine and application allows multiple waiters to order and print bill by using their mobile phone.
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Apps for Financial Institutions

AucupaEMI billing application for financial institutions. Computing the EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) of any loan- Vehicle, home, personal etc . Application takes input values of loan amount, rate of interest and loan tenure. Application will show the EMI, total interest and total pay back amount. This app prints bill through a handheld bluetooth printer.
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Personal Safety Apps

AucupaiFollow won Nasscom AppFame AWARD for ladies safety. iFollow is a personal app which works on your mobile silently. This works as a background activity to reduce power consumption. iFollow is an app developed for helping people in accidents or similar danger situations. Once iFollow is activated, your phone is capable to generate calls to your prime contacts by just shaking the device.
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PROCTORE- Process Tracking System

AucupaThis application track various manufacturing processes involved in the plant viz estimation of quantity of finished products, tracking down-time of process, tracking actual quantity of output product, generate variance reports from estimated and actual quantity, by data capturing from different plant through mobile device.Track Manpower utilization against productivity, Stock Ageing Visibility, Effective Plant Utilization and Real Time Quality Control (QC) Alerting through Proctore.
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iFollow- Prospect Management System

AucupaProspect management system is an advanced version of lead management system specially designed for manufacturing houses. This system has web interface empowers manufacturer to work effectively with customers on new prospects, new orders for existing buddies, data analytics, seamless integration with manufacturing systems etc. Mobile applications associated with this system helps customers to get hassle free price quote on the move.
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